Developers for Document Films?

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Developers for Document Films?

Post by Richard_Kowalski »

Hello all, new member here.

I have a good number of 35mm rolls of Kodak Rapid Process Copy & H&W Control Pan, and a roll of Agfa Copex Rapid.

Just rereading through the chapter on document films in FDC, 2nd edition and am intrigued by the low contrast developer formula on page 133. I've only developed one of these rolls before and was considering using Xtol 1+5 or 1+10 as I have plenty of that around. The other option I was considering is D-25. I'm a little wary of the D-25 for the speed decreasing properties though it seems like a good candidate. The one listed in FDC is a complete unknown to me.

I'd be interested in hearing the thoughts on these three candidates for developing these films.



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