ID11 v LC29 for FP4 plus

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ID11 v LC29 for FP4 plus

Post by Marty007 »

My long time standard is ID-11 for this films with stock concentration and recommended development times. Been happy with results for decades!

Tried LC29 (1+19 standard with dev.time) but the negatives are more grainy looking. Inspection with a magnifiers and enlargements of the scanned negative showed LC29 grain while similar in size to that produced by ID-11 were more clumped together. Thus the more grainy look.

I have seen no reference to this in any publications.

I turned to LC29 more for convenience with one shot fresh solutions

May have to go back to ID-11.

Any observations?


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Re: ID11 v LC29 for FP4 plus

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When you are happy with something for decades WHY changing ?
Philippe Ayral

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