Omega D5-XL, corners dark on 4x5

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Omega D5-XL, corners dark on 4x5

Post by tim.bowman » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:41 am

I have acquired a lovely, late-model D5-XL with the condenser lamphouse.

I'm using it with a 135mm lens, but finding that on 4x5, the corners are about a half stop darker than the center with the moveable condenser in the recommended top position. When I remove the condenser entirely things get better, but the corners are still about a quarter stop darker. I'm measuring reflected light from a piece of blank paper on the baseboard with a Gossen Luna Pro. There is no negative in the holder during my test.

I'd really like to have even illumination across the entire negative.

Am I missing something, or do I expect too much perfection from a machine meant to do everything? Should I just learn to burn the corners to compensate?

Thanks in advance for your tips.

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Re: Omega D5-XL, corners dark on 4x5

Post by sanchell » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:23 pm

Greetings, Tim. I have been using the D5-XL for more years than I can recount. I have owned several. It's not the best enlarger ever made but it's my personal favorite. I have not experienced the corner fall-off that you have. What tests have you run? For example, take a reading without the condenser or lens in place. Then add the lens. Then add the condenser. Perhaps it is the lens? Perhaps you have an imperfect condenser? If so, I'll look to see if I have a spare and send it to you to try. Let me know.
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