How I became a Pyro man.

Questions on using pyro (pyrogallic acid) for film processing.

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Re: How I became a Pyro man.

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i've been using Harald's formula for sometime now, in comparison with my version of Pyrocat-HD (+Vit C & some added organic restrainer).

My comment is per following:

- Beutler Pyro can yield extremely high-acutance, perhaps due to edge effect
- It's very energetic & often stretch the midtone contrast curve (which is great for dull days with flatter scenes)
- It's slightly foggy. I tried cutting back on the ATC (half the indicated amount) & that seems to cut down on fog.

Attached is a picture. Not artistically nice, but demonstrates the resolving power & acutance that can be achieved.

I'm pretty impressed. Now I only use those 2 devs. modded Pyrocat when i need to save my highlights & Beutler-Pyro when i want some midtone drama
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