Out of touch

Members may announce shows they are in, books they have published, articles they have written or are mentioned in, are any other successes they wish to share.
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Out of touch

Post by sanchell » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:39 am

I will be in Cuba until December 18 leading two workshops, the Havana NUDE and Havana Street Photography. If you're reading this that means you aren't in Havana with me.

Internet connectivity in Cuba is regulated by the government and is "iffy" at best. I will not be able to respond to forum questions until I return. However, I have requested the forum moderators to be extra vigilant and respond to posts as quickly as possible.

Travel with me to Cuba in May and you can ask all the questions you want as we walk down the prado capturing the life of Havana.
Do it in the Dark,

Steve Anchell

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