Vintage Photo Magazines offer

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Adrienne Moumin
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Vintage Photo Magazines offer

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I hope everyone is having a good and productive summer. I myself have been spending some glorious blocks of hours in the darkroom!

I'm writing because in my effort to downsize, I found a trove of magazines I have been saving, and would like to offer them to whomever would like to have them. They are free, but I DO ask that I be reimbursed for the postage. The stack of magazines is about 6 inches high, and paper is not light, and I have no way to know the cost until I take them to the post office. I would, of course, send them the cheapest way possible, probably media mail if I am allowed to use that method for a box of this size.

List of publications:

- Camera & Darkroom, July 1995 - ? (end date)
- Photo Techniques, Dec. 1997 - Jul/Aug 2006 + a couple of their special issues
- Photo Technique, several issues from 2010

I will gift them to the first respondent, and will post here when they have been claimed, so everyone will know they are no longer available.

I hope someone can use them! :D

Adrienne Moumin
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