Kodak F-24 formula in TDC3 and TDC4

Any errors or omissions you come across in the Darkroom Cookbook.
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steve goldstein
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Kodak F-24 formula in TDC3 and TDC4

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The formula for F-24 fixer suggests that substitution of Citric acid for Sodium bisulfite will reduce the odor. DON'T DO IT! Adding 22gm/liter of Citric acid results in the generation of Sulfur dioxide and makes for an extremely unpleasant and genuinely dangerous darkroom experience, especially if your darkroom is like mine and poorly ventilated. I don't know if this error also appears in TDC1 and TDC2, I only have 3 and 4, but I suggest striking out this comment in your copy right away to remove all future temptation.

This has been discussed on Photrio over the past few days. Here's a link to that thread:

https://www.photrio.com/forum/threads/s ... ew.179186/

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Re: Kodak F-24 formula in TDC3 and TDC4

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Steve is correct. Please cross out this recommendation in your copy of the DCB, beginning with the 1st ed.
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