D11 at wrong dilution

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D11 at wrong dilution

Post by zeiss »

In the third edition of the book, David wood recommends the use of D11 as first developer for reversal, but in a 1:3 dilution during 12-15'. This has been widely discussed at APUG and other places, because this dilution doesn't work and almost everybody thought it was a typo. At the fourth edition, it appears again uncorrected.

Is it possible for Mr. Wood to shed some light on this?
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Re: D11 at wrong dilution

Post by Miroinchina »

Now, I am using D67+D19 for reversal processing on Ilford FP4+ film, the results are pretty good.
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Re: D11 at wrong dilution

Post by John_In_Phoenix »

I have tried D11 without much success. A fellow by the name of Jens Osbahr published a paper back in 2007 titled "A Black And White Reversal Process-In Memory Of Scala" which I have been using successfully for a number of years. Ive processed quite a number of film types from the original Scala (I have a frozen stash) to Eastman 5222 (5222 is not the best candidate for reversal) You can adjust the formula to suit your film and processing technique. When ADOX introduced its version of Scala I did a comparison and developed the new and old Scala in the same tank (see below). The film was processed using the process described for Scala in Mr. Osbahr in his paper. You can find it here http://www.ars-imago.com/productinfos/o ... _films.pdf
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Re: D11 at wrong dilution

Post by birdreader »

There are quite a few reversal formulas around. Have you tried Dignan's Divided first developer for b/w transparencies??
Another set of formulas is:

The Ilford reversal chemistry works fine. there are formulas for the developers mentioned. And you can buy potassium permanganate from any plumbing supply outlet, it is used to regenerate "green sand" filters used to remove iron from potable water.
Potassium dichromate is very poisonous, and every sewer utility I have interacted with will go thermonuclear ballistic X100 at the mention of any chromates-outright ban on them. You can get a fatal leukemia if you accidentally ingest even tiny amounts of potassium dichromate.
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